What You Are Saying

Lee Wei Fen, Singaporean writer and editor, says:

“The site is a great resource for both those familiar with local work and also those starting out. Really the most enjoyable digital space there is for understanding and sampling a creative side of contemporary Singapore.”

Donna S., church secretary, WA, says:

“Singapore has been kind of a mysterious place for me, knowing just the bits and pieces that most of us hear about – the strict laws, for example – or see on a travel show, so we end up either with a caricature in our minds or don’t think about it at all…. It’s a fascinating place and the [Singapore Poetry] website and newsletter reveal that.”

Kimberly Lim, recent UVA graduate, says:

“My name is Kim, and I don’t know if you remember me, but I was one of the (many? few?) Singaporeans who had the extreme pleasure of strolling down the Brooklyn Book Festival and discovering your banner “Singapore Poetry.” My first instinct was scepticism of course (I was like…oh….another ang moh hipster press using an exotic, oriental name?), but then I saw you and Math Paper Press’ books and I was so happy. I hope I didn’t scare you…according to the friend I was with I appeared a little over excited. But that’s pretty much how I react whenever I encounter any hint of Singapore in the city.

I just browsed through the Singapore Poetry gallery and am really impressed. It’s something I think many of us forget–we come to America, adopt an American literary persona, and neglect our roots, which is such a great big pity. I love what the gallery stands for and your desire to introduce Singaporean poetics in the city. Keep it going; I can’t wait to see more!”

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