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Trusted loan companies | 10 rules before you choose a company and a loan

Trusted non-banking loan companies, not just on the internet, 10 rules before you choose a loan company. Make a safe and “out of your head” choice of the company where you will borrow the money!

Why is it so important? Because it’s all about your money that you have to give away. Especially it is important that from time to time we receive information about dishonest loan companies that have cheated clients. You can not assume that every company offering loans and credits is dishonest, but in order not to be unpleasantly surprised, you must follow several rules of conduct.

10 Rules can be condensed in a few sentences: Always use the services of proven loan companies, never borrow money from anonymous people who leave ads on poles or on advertising portals giving only the number of a mobile phone.

Observing a few basic rules before taking out a non-bank loan should protect you from unpleasant and unexpected circumstances.

What to pay attention to when borrowing?

What to pay attention to when borrowing?


  • Only borrow as much as you need.
  • Answer the question of whether you are able to pay the commitment on time.
  • Always pay attention to all fees associated with the processing of the application, the cost of the loan. If you think that they are too high in relation to the amount of the loan offered, give up the loan and the loan company.
  • Do not sign on promissory notes and obligations that are too high for the loan / loan requested.
  • Banks, credit unions and loan companies are obliged by law to present the total costs of loans and credits. They must also provide the actual annual interest rate – APY.RRSO allows you to quickly compare the same offers and evaluate which one is cheaper. Specifying fees allows you to figure out what you pay for when taking a loan.
  • Repaying one loan is the second way to fall into the debt loop. A better solution is to talk with the creditor (lender) on the renegotiation of the contract.
  • The credibility of the loan company. Check the entity in which you want to make a commitment. Look for opinions on the internet about it, visit online forums, check the KNF website – the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, is not listed on the “black list”.
  • The contract is illegible, very long or its entries are incomprehensible? Do not sign the contract.
  • Download the contract, regulations, fee table and other information about the loan or credit – before signing the contract. Relax at home and read the documents and analyze them.
  • In order not to be forced to pay additional costs, pay back the loan in accordance with the schedule and on time.



Proven companies, which are very often found in many forums, referred to as “honest loan companies” or “loan companies worth recommending”. And it is very important to look for such companies from the loan offer of such companies. Below you can check the offers of many loan companies, which are more or less known on the loan market. The vast majority of presented entities provide non-bank loans on the internet. You can find among them both those with short-term and installment loans.

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