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Payday Loan Consolidation: Loan to pay debts

Many individuals have a desire to borrow to pay debts. Whether this is possible depends on various factors. If the private credit information in order, is a loan to pay debts usually no problem dar. It is different when the debts are titled claims. Here borrowing should be very difficult, if not impossible.

Requirements for borrowing

A solid, sufficiently high income and a positive private credit information are regarded as indispensable credit requirements in Germany. A loan to pay debts can take many forms. It may be a loan to pay off a installment or credit line, a debt rescheduling or a loan to settle outstanding bills. Anyone looking for a loan despite negative private credit entries, it should have a lot harder than a person who can present a positive or neutral private credit information. Here, there is only the possibility to contact a private credit intermediary who can arrange a loan in which the private credit information does not matter. However, in this context it is essential to ensure that the credit intermediary does not require any pre-charge.

Apply for credit

Before applying for a loan, it is very important to check if the income is high enough to ensure regular repayment of monthly loan installments. If this is not the case, you should reduce the monthly loan installments, reduce the loan amount or extend the term. If debts are to be paid in different places, it is also strongly recommended to combine all these debts into a single loan. This not only makes it possible to pay off the debt, but also to gain a better overview of the financial situation.

If the appropriate lender is found after a credit comparison, the loan application should be made online or directly on site. There are prescribed forms for this, which must be completed correctly. In addition, various documents such as the current proof of income and the evidence of additional collateral must be attached.

Authorization, payment and repayment

Authorization, payment and repayment

If all the conditions are met, the loan will be approved to pay debts and paid out in one amount. Cash payments are rather rare. More often, the loan is transferred to the checking account, which does not have to be at the same bank where the loan was requested. The modalities of the repayment are determined by contract. The duration and amount of monthly loan installments depend on a number of factors, with the amount borrowed and interest rates playing a special role. The latter are determined by the conditions of the bank and by the general market interest rate.

As a matter of principle, it is strongly advised to seek a full repayment of debt and not to incur additional liabilities parallel to the borrowing or during the term. Otherwise, this can quickly lead to a downward spiral of debt, from which there is no more escape. 

It is also important to pay the installments for the loan to pay debts on time and in full. If there are significant arrears, the bank is entitled to use the income or other collateral and to terminate the loan in serious cases. Here, the entire loan amount is due at once. In addition, a negative entry in the private credit, which makes further borrowing usually impossible.

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