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Loans for Retired People

With the arrival of the retirement age, work time is over. We can not say the same for the time of the expenses. Quite the contrary. In support of pensioners who have to bear unexpected or special costs there are loans dedicated to them or indicated for their needs.

Medical expenses, assistance expenses, but also economic contributions to support children or grandchildren, the long-awaited trip, the purchase of the vintage car dreamed of a lifetime: unexpected and small and big dreams to be realized may require the need for a sum that, although not exorbitant, goes beyond the normal flows guaranteed by the pension. Here, then, the ideal loan solutions for retirees.

The Fifth of the Pension

The Fifth of the Pension

If there is a loan that has been specially designed for those who receive a pension, it is certainly the assignment of the Fifth Pension. It is a form of personal loan that is easy to manage and can be obtained simply and quickly, following an investigation by the bank. To start the practice of requesting the Fifth Pension in the bank you just need to hold a pension provided by INPS or other institutions.

The amount that can be requested must be calculated based on the amount of the pension. The installments that are deducted monthly from the pension, in fact, can not exceed one fifth of the monthly pension.

The Personal Loan

The Personal Loan

Among those who can apply for a Personal Loan there are also pensioners (up to 70 years). Like the Fifth of the Pension, the Personal Loan is a non-finalized loan and the sum obtained is paid directly into the current account without restrictions on the use of money (unlike what happens in the finalized loan).

Fifth of the Pension or Personal Loan? Both are suitable financing solutions for retirees. To find out which loan is best suited for your needs or your wishes, we advise you to contact the Manubank operators.

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