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Loan with free special repayment

Many consumers use a credit comparison calculator before signing a loan agreement. Most, however, only look at the interest rates and not on the remaining terms. But these are just as important, because even here you can save money. One point is especially important: the prepayment penalty. Many banks charge fees for special reimbursement. These can be so high that a premature loan repayment is not worthwhile at all. However, a comparison calculator makes it clear which banks offer a loan with free special repayment.

Free special repayment – what is it?

Free special repayment - what is it?

Let’s assume the case that a borrower comes to money during the term and therefore wants to repay the loan early. Now it shows how good a credit comparison would have been, because the bank is not happy about this decision. To the surprise of the customer, it requires in case of early repayment fees to compensate for the lost interest. The technical term for this is prepayment penalty. This is the case for most borrowers only when they want to take advantage of the special repayment. Now, however, shows how important it would have been to pay attention to this detail. Not every borrower bothers with the exact contract details.

Meanwhile, the competitive pressure of the banks has become so great that they have to score points with special conditions. For this reason, many offer a loan with free special repayment. The quickest way to find these offers on a credit comparison, so that afterwards the evil awakening does not come. This free special repayment is a point many borrowers like to overlook. Who is thinking of paying for a loan sooner than necessary?

There may, however, be legitimate reasons for this step. In the case of impending unemployment, it may be necessary to repay a loan earlier than planned. If only a small amount of money is left and relatives start to pay in financially, that’s a great help. Much can happen during a runtime. Anyone who compares the offers of the banks, will quickly find a loan with free special repayment.

Credit with grace period

There is not only a loan with free special repayment, but also a repayment-free month in the year. Due to unforeseen tasks, a financial bottleneck can occur. For this purpose, some banks offer a grace-free month in the year. The borrower can suspend the installment without any consequences. This option costs no money, but is part of the loan agreement. Why should one miss this advantage? Once again it shows that you are clearly in the advantage with a credit comparison.


A loan with free special repayment is not rocket science. However, the borrower must be careful that the lending bank also offers this option. As the example above shows, not only are interest rates important. It goes without saying that it is easy to lose track of the large number of banks. That is why a comparison is so important, otherwise you’ll be giving away cash. But the Internet has made many things possible and can help consumers save more money than they would in the Internet. Unfortunately, many do not make enough use of this option.

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